My goal is to make each photograph effective in its intended communication – whether it be a memorable impression or a precise description.

It’s a glorious time to be a photographer – with the ever-evolving tools, technology and styles – and I am honored to have produced photography, both large scale and small scale for clients across the US.   

Approaching a photo shoot, I bring a vision to mind and draw upon resources and intuition to realize that vision, whatever the scale.

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“We have worked with Rick over the years on several projects. He is meticulous and talented, easy to work with and, because most of our shoots also include a video element, he works well with limited time and resources when needed. It’s always a pleasure.  –Doug Myers, President & Creative Director, Hilton & Myers Advertising


“I have worked with Rick on projects ranging from full Casino Resort shoots to intimate corporate portraits. He is hard working, flexible, and his style is great mix of candid editorial and commercial appeal.”  –Ben Galloway, Creative Director, Off Madison Ave



“When Rick agrees to a job, no joke, there is literally a calm that comes over me. I’ve got the best. Regardless of what I throw at him, no matter how crazy things get, he’s got the creativity and skill set to work it all out on the fly. Always the listener, always focused on my audience, always presenting viable solutions, always making sense, always producing a great result. Clear, concise, unforgettable imagery. Love it. And love him.” –Edwin Benoit, PrincipalElevateTheExperience.com


I have worked with Rick Peterson for many years. From major television and commercial shooting to smaller and medium-sized projects as well. I have always admired not just his work, which is stellar, but also his calm and considered temperament and personality. In short, he has always been a positive and creative asset to every project he has worked on for me. He is the ultimate team player willing to go the extra mile for the project. He is always prepared, understands when it's time to improvise, and lives by the adage "never let them see you sweat." I highly recommend Rick Peterson to anyone looking for a smart and creative professional photographer.  –Ben Gordon, Creative Director, Gordon Galloway Advertising



Rick Peterson had continually supplied us with excellent shoe and jewelry photography for better than 15 years while I was Vice President and Creative Director for Arizona Mail Order Company.   –Judith Knight, Creative Director



Rick Peterson's reputation had already preceded him when I hired him on the WM Keck Observatory's Annual Report photo session. That was the first of many more years to come, as Rick produced a rich library on images of our people and operations at the Kamuela headquarters and at the Observatory on the summit of Mauna Kea. Rick has the eye and the initiative to run with a direction – solve lighting challenges and find ways for improvements and creativity.  –Deborah Goodwin – formerly with WM Keck Observatory


Through two decades and three jobs, Rick Peterson has been my “go to” for photography. Rick has an innate ability to take ideas and make them better while maintaining a collaborative and creative energy. Whether I’ve needed product photography, landscape photography or interior photos with models, he has always exceeded my expectations.   –Pi Polletta, Marketing Director, Highlands at Dove Mountain


"Rick is an outstanding professional to work with, I recommend without hesitation for any photography project. BETTISON worked with Rick for a large high-tech manufacturer. Rick was able to get the photos every photo we needed, even as we encountered challenging lighting and background situations. His “can-do” attitude is incredible, and made working with him not only fun, but got us incredible results for our corporate client."  –Stacy Bettison, Director, BETTISON