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Studio 1 (520) 250-6171.


"For more seasons of catalog production than I can remember, we have relied on Rick Peterson's meticulous style and production quality. Rick is always prepared and always delightful to work with. When a challenge arises – as it always does – Rick is cool and calm to rise to the solution." – Raymond Howard, Creative Director, Outbound


PRODUCT | Tabletops, small sets, Environmental


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Jewelry Photography

Jewelry for Catalog, Web & Print Ads


"I have been working with Rick for all of my jewelry product shots for several years. He has a great eye for detail and is committed to getting the shots just right. I get many compliments on my website, and I believe that is due in large part to Rick's outstanding photography. Plus Rick is such a joy to work with! I highly recommend him." –Clare Johnston, Owner & Designer, Lila Clare Jewelry



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ShoeS in studio, on location & environmental sets


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Tech Photography