About Rick Peterson

"I love the process of making the photograph – the development of the idea and the pre-visualization. With the end result in mind, the pieces fall in and the work becomes fun. With an eye out for the clients' objectives, I draw on experience, application of styles and technical know-how to arrive at making the perfect picture."

"I'm fortunate to be working in a career with the opportunity to expand creatively through technology and art."


Studio STYLE

Studio photography is conducted with state-of-the-art cameras, lighting, computers and software, Rick is ever versatile with all product, people and illustrative photography.


Rick studied under Phil Cohen at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA, earning a BPA degree in Illustration Photography. Rick began his career in his home town of Honolulu where he continued to develop the skills and style that have given shape to his work today. Rick works with ad agencies, corporations & institutions – retailers and researchers alike to produce distinctive imagery.

He has served as president of the ASMP Tucson, Arizona chapter providing educational leadership.Through his extensive experiences and travels, Rick has developed an eye for light, composition, color and an ability to respond to the decisive moment. Rick is a National ADDY Award winner.

Today’s photography, published in print and online is viewed with an eye for style and clear communications. Expectations are high – and leading edge technology and style are demanded in today’s competitive marketplace.Rick Peterson is an innovator and an industry leader. His photography is stellar, and his approach with clients – as creative collaborator – produces purposeful response.

Rick Peterson is listed on Agency List as a top photographer in Tucson.