Stylizing the Location

Arizona Mail Order Company is a long standing client for whom I shoot women’s shoes and clothing accessories in the studio and on location. AMO is one of the largest mail order companies of its kind and competes on a national level in the sales on medium prices shoes. The art directors come to me for “location” photography to match looks of mountain trails, gardens, beaches, marinas and urban scenes, all of which get constructed just outside my studio in the Southwestern desert.

The Challenge: Create an environment that simulates an Eastern beachside, a resort poolside, a potting shed and a marina with props gathered from around the studio and various suppliers.

The Solution: I gathered my materials and then built medium size sets on the studio grounds where I could use sections of hardscaping and sand from the desert wash to simulate a beach. I crafted these sets as if doing a window dressing, placing the shoes according to the art director’s layout.

The Result: Images of shoes that matched the locations in a convincing way. The art and marketing directors were pleased but the real test is in the sales generated from the pages. Statistically every book we have produced together has shown an increased revenue for my client.